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Hello, I think this site is awesome.

I m in the process of starting a tshirt business and I have some questions.

I really like the sublimation but think it maybe best to start with inkjet heat transfer paper, or would it be a good idea to start with both with a older epson printer and use the 1400 for the sublimation ink? I like the epson 1400 and will invest in a bulk ink system, and heat press machine. Which company have the bulk system at a reasonable price? also is sunie 15X15 a good choice for heat press, or is there a brand cheaper with same quality? and which transfer paper leave a nice soft feel.

My design will be orginal/custom, I m think of using alstlyle gazinia, and bella from bodek. I want to use good quality shirt but aa is too much, and wasnt impress with the gildan. My targeted client is age female/male 16+, children.

For that that already in the tshirt business do you only use one method, or a combinations such as sublimation, screen print etc.

Thanks in advance.
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