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Newbie with mug questions...

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I am very new to this idea. I bought a shop full of screen printing equipment and a mug press was included. I could use these for marketing and would like to have a few questions answered.
What would be a good printer for mugs maybe other things later also? After subing the mugs do I need to glaze them to protect the dye?
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Mugs are for the most part are either pad printed or sublimated, dye-sub requires a polymer coating on the mugs prior to printing, pad printing does not. There isn't really a all in one printer that can do dye-sub and other things too because of the ink used in sublimation although with a dye-sub printer you can make transfers to print on light colored high poly content shirts and various other items that are made of polyester.

Probably the best dye-sub printer on the market is the Ricoh...this thread may help you.


Also this site has tons of great info on sublimation.

DyeSub.org - An educational site for dye sublimation and digital transfer printing.

Hope this helps.
Yes, you can sublimate polyester coated mugs with dye sublimation.

Also there a re small fraction, using laser transfer paper to print onto mugs (the mugs do not need to be polyester coated, but polyester coated mugs can be used as well). If you do that method, most likely you will also need a glazing unit to seal the ink in.

Most people prefer to use dye sublimation to print on polyester coated mugs. The sublimation method does not need an extra glazing unit.
Ok, so let me get this straight. To use the mug press I have to have a dye-sublimation printer, transfer paper, and coated mugs. Then I can use that same printer to make mouse pads, ****** cups (can and bottle wraps), tiles, and much more? That was my question
Thanks Joto, I just hit reply as yours posted.
Sublimation can print on many different items as long as the area being printed is white and polyester coated or made of polyester fabric.

But remember if you buy a sublimation printer, it is recommended you print with it everyday or at the very least once a week to prevent clogging issues.

Ricoh GX7000 is the one to go with. Prints 11x17 size paper and clogging issues have been improved with this printer. Also easier for starters to use cartridge instead of a bulk ink system. Only downside is that it is only a four color printer, but the color matching is quite impressive!
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