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Newbie...Want To Get Started...Need Help Please!

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My last bulk shirt order was through a local vendor, he did screen printing and I was very pleased. I've been looking into screenprinting and would like to print my shirts myself. Has anyone here used either the YUDU or EZScreenPrint systems? I would like to use a "Kit" instead of creating the equipment myself etc...:eek:
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those two systems, if you can call them systems, suck!!
check out these guys, Silk Screen Printing Starter Kits, Screen Printing Business Kits, Silk Screen Kits. But first do a lot of web searching and reading up, its really a hard business to get into but once you get over that hump its pretty cool. You tube is your friend and google the crap out of everything screenprinting t-shirts. good luck if you have any questions just ask!
I'm also new at it, I started with speedball's wood framed screens, but later found a better deal with aluminum frames, cheaper too and last longer. For the first shirts I cut stencils on acetates; but now I'm using capillary film for my screens, is easy to work with.
Let me know how it goes for you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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