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newbie trying to make some moves

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hello all.. ive been drawin and creating alot ogf photoshops and vectors for a while now and alot of my peers encouraged me to make some t shirt designs. basically ive seen the screen printing and all that stuff but the question im asking is how do i start off? i want to produce a small line of clothing and see how that goes from there. profesional shirts from tags and the whole 10 yards. i do not really need a supplier jus more of a manufacture. someone who can make the shirts and relabel them for me. a good heavy dutty shirt u know? with tags. any answers would be greatly appreciated. i also want to know if there is a good manufacture i can just send out my images to and can make me the shirt to my expectations. i dont know what this is if this is screen printing or what not but im lookin to make shirts somewhat of this caliber
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any information will help. thanks
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welcome to the forum,
u should cal shops around ur area and get quotes to see whats the best price u can save a lot of money that way.
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