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Hello all. I am new to this industry and trying to learn fast. Thank you for the information I have received by reading your posts.

A friend and I are starting a new clothing venture. She's the creative designer and I'm the production / sales / marketing / accounting guy.

We want to print or dye large images on 100% cotton, hooded sweatshirts and denim jackets. Black is certainly one of the colors we intend to carry.

We are trying to find the best method(s) to achieve the high quality image and texture we desire on runs of up to 100.

Neither of us care for the feel of screen printed images. Is there a screen printing technique that gives fabric a softer, smoother feel than the typical screen printed image?

Dye sublimation appears to be a dead-end because of the black, cotton fabric.

I have read some posts on the WoW7 transfer system and DTG systems and must confess to a bit of head scratching. Opinions vary so much it's hard to tell if either is the right choice.

I am not interested in purchasing the equipment and going into production. I want to find a vendor that can make our designs come to life at a reasonable cost. I am in the So. California area and would prefer to deal locally if possible.

Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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