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Hello and thank you for anyone who reads this and helps, much appreciated.

I want to start printing my own shirts. Currently going through spread shirt i get 10 orders a day which i know can be much more if i was able to print myself and make a larger profit and better website.

This is what i plan on purchasing and wondering if i am missing anything/need anything.

Will be using a variety of colors for garments.

-George Knight DK 20 16x20 heat press
-Epson Workforce 1400 13x19 Printer
-JPSS Paper for light and dark shirts
-CSS ink system "Which Ink Is Best?"

The designs are not that elaborated, more simple and conservative to where i think the size of the paper and printer is enough.

Is this all that I would need? Would i be better off with getting screen printed transfers and then just pressing them myself?

Thank you again


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A screen print transfer does offer a high quality durable print that can go on both dark and light coloured garments and would be my preferred choice of the options you have listed.

You then just need a heat press!

Congrats on the sales!
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