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Newbie Shopping Advice

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I am starting from scratch with learning the whole t-shirt business. Really enjoy the creativity this can offer. Not sure what Heat press I should buy, thinking about the" Hotronix fusion". Or if i should buy a less expensive one to start with. Plan on making slogans and such on shirts, so would definatley have to buy the larger size machines so to make large letters covering most of the shirt. And does the Hotronix work well on grey and black shirts w/different colors to print. :confused:
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I saw the fusion at ISS last week and WOW what a machine. If I hadn't spent all my money on other things this is definitely what I would've bought. Christmas is 9 months too far. Lol

I hope you are aware that the fusion uses air to clamp and release.

I say if you are making this into a business go for quality ( the fusion )
If this is just a hobby, then you can do with something less expensive.
Good luck 28g
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