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My answer in short, if you don't care about my opinions; YES YOU CAN DYE SUB PLASTISOL WITH GREAT RESULTS (with a few modifications to the process.)

Old thread I know, but i've ended up here multiple times... I won't likely check back for responses, but if any of the original posters see this...well, here's some info. I used to frequent this site for all kinds of information. My shop works with screen print, DTG, and sublimation so I've spent a lot of time here on these forums. These days I don't prefer coming here for information because somewhere along the lines many of the users here have become purist inside-the-box profit chasers. (apologies to the rest of you that aren't..) This thread is a great example of this.

I see so many threads where someone asks a question about something a little unconventional and immediately, they are told all the reasons why it's stupid, a waste of time, "lipstick on a pig". Come on people...how do you think any of these processes came to be in the first place? By people trying new things.... asking questions...Why must you all respond with such negative comments? Not a SINGLE person here actually addressed the OPs question. YES YOU CAN SUBLIMATE PLASTISOL INK. I DO FREQUENTLY WITH GREAT RESULTS.

I understand profit is important to consider...but so is experimentation. That's how things are improved, and new products created. I have now been successfully sublimating a screen printed underbase using a custom ink formulation for quite some time. Colors as bright as dye sub on white poly, and they wash as well as any screen print with no fading. and guess what? My customers love the results...and my bottom line reflects this.

Dye sublimation onto an ink underbase is cost effective, yields better results than DTG could ever hope to, and requires ONE screen compared to the 8+ screens for a similar full color job. The best part is...call it what you want...it's still a shirt that was decorated with dispersion dye inks, or "sublimation inks" so...it's still a sublimated shirt whether you like it or not. No misrepresentation. To clarify...it's a shirt... that was dye sublimated.

To the people that ask questions and challenge the conventional methods...GOOD FOR YOU. Keep pushing the limits. To the people who instantly dismiss any idea that isn't in "the norm"....Go print your shirts and leave the rest of us alone.

just my two cents...not that it matters.
I just read your comment on sublimation over screen printing underbase.
I also noticed your handle is 'its not true"
Just wondering if your comment was genuine or not?
I'm really interested in your experience if this process does work.
Have a fantastic day!
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