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Greetings to all, and thanks for allowing me in and for any help you might provide.

I have artwork drawn by my daughter that I really think would make excellent T-shirts and/or greeting cards. (Yes, I'm the proud father, but many, many people have remarked at the quality and whimsical nature of the drawings). I'm kind of at a loss because I have no idea where to turn to have this art placed on shirts and then sold (specifically, some relates to our recent trip to Yellowstone). A friend suggested a rep group that sells to retail ... but I'm not even sure how to find one or where to turn.

Can anyone offer suggestions and provide guidance?

Thanks much, and please accept my apologies for the mundane nature of a question that I'm sure everyone here has dealt with years ago.



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Hi Pat, one good idea would be to scan the art and upload it to a place like CafePress or Zazzle.

They will create an online store and allow you to sell the designs on a wide variety of products with no upfront cost to you. They only print the products when someone decides to buy one and you get to set the retail price and get commissions from the sales.
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