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First off, I have found this message board to be incredible.

Second, after entering the world of embroidery 4 years ago we have now moved into custom onesies and the world of heatpressing and Im hoping I can get some guidance.

We recently bought the Pro World Inc, Transpro 15x15 heat press (TransPro 15X15 for Applying T-Shirt Heat Press Transfers - Pro World)

I'm still having trouble with the heat press fully transferring...

I am pretty confident that the temp and time are 100% correct.

I have been using the following process:

1) print transfer onto transfer sheets using heavy setting on my canon laserjet color printer
2) set heat press machine to 345 farenheit
3) pre heat onesies to get wrinkles out
4) put transfer sheet on onesie and heat for 30 seconds
5) remove transfer sheet within 10 seconds
6) apply the other sheet (forgot what its called) for another 30 seconds and remove

I tried carter's onesies which I was told may have something on it that prevents it from transferring well. I then bought blanks from a company that several people on t-shirtforums.com recommended and im still having trouble (see attached image) as the image does not fully transfer giving off a vintage look that I don't want.

we bought this item when we purchased the machine: http://www.proworldinc.com/printables-more/teflon-sheets/teflon-sheet.html would this help in anyway.

what am I doing wrong?


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I did a transfer on a onesie, too. It was some supersoft cotton and it burned a little and came out brownish. If I were to do this again, I would heat for less time. Because of the extra stitching of the onesie, it could be that it's preventing you from getting even pressure. You might want to put something beneath the shirt to counteract the height of the shoulder seams.
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