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Newbie needing help..

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I am going to be doing vinyl wall art and purchased vinyl ready designs. I am slowly teaching myself corel x3, but in the mean time figured these designs would be easier to output. My problem is when I weed the design the smaller letters and parts of the butterflies lift up with the other vinyl. Can someone help with how to make the words bigger. Hopefully, I attached the file correctly so you can see the example.


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The file you are using came in which format? They are probably grouped together - so you can ungroup and enlarge individually or you can lock the aspect and then change the siz which will proportionately change the other. The aspect is the lock up on the top bar and the size are the numbers next to it.
Are you seeing the image as it should be cut on the reverse side of the vinyl?
This is what it says:
Vinyl Ready Designs Large Collection Clip art collection has 144 designs inlcuding Home, Family, Hobbies and Religious designs. .AI & .EPS format. A PDF catalog in electronic format is included on the disc and .jpgs.
Import the eps file. Once in, click on it and it will be grouped together. Look up top on the menu bar and there will be two squares with a red x. Click that to ungroup and then select the file you want to work on.
What kind of cutter are you using...force and blade? It could be you just need to do some adjustments there and not to the art. I have cut these types of designs with out a problem... how big are they?
I have tried opening it in svg and eps. file and I am not seeing the squares with the red x.

I am using a roland gx-24, the blade that came with it and I have tried several different forces. And do you mean the overall size of the design?
The last advice I can offer - open the directory with the file - open corel / have both open side by side
click hold file and drag and drop on corel
a dialogue box should open asking about text as text or curve - select curve (if not just go on)
if the file is not highlighted - select it
in the middle of the page second row down should be 2 squares with a red x in top right
That is the ungroup all button - do that select the file you want
you can then copy and paste that right into Cutstudio
Right click go to properties and resize if needed - you can do it right from the screen
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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