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newbie need rhinestone trial version

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i am a newbie to rhinestone decoration, i am hoping to custom design on the spot while the custom are shopping.

i do have a heat press, photoshop, computer, laser printer, i do not have a cutter, rhinestone vectorization software. my plan is i can order the template from someone else and make the rhinestone sheet myself for press.

i have been spent time reading this forum when i have time. i think i read about with a rhinestone vector program for about $300 - $400 range. this software has a trial version, we can practice how to use it before we decide to buy. i do not remember if it is winpcsign or funtime ?

any idea?:confused:
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You can get WinPCSign 2012 for $300 with extra stuff at winpcsign pro 2012
You can download a trial program at http://www.winpcsign.ca/ but it doesn't have the rhinestone capabilities.
I love the software!
You can buy Funtime at http://www.funtimescrapbooking.com/home.aspx but I don't see a trial version...
OOBling Pro also has a demo version available to experiment with. It can do vectorizing within it, but it's over $400.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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