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Newbie- Need Help with transfers on Bella Rib Knits

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I have tried putting plastisol transfers on rib knit shirts and they are peeling off. Do I need a different transfer that stretches with the material? The rib knits are 100% cotton. I used the same transfers on Gildan 2000 tshirts with no problems.
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You can order elasti-prints from transfer express. They worked for us when we had to do ribbed tank tops.
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I have used elast-prints from Transfer Express on those same Bella shirts with much siccess. The hardest part is placement, as the shirt stretches a great deal when it is worn. However, with a little trial and error and imagination, you can get it done pretty easily.
Thanks for the info. That would work ok for custom transfers but I was looking more for stck transfers. Maybe I will have to make some designs myself.
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