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Newbie-Looking for an Artist!

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Hi guys,
I'm very new to this business and just entered a few weeks ago. Having a t-shirt company has always been a personal dream of mine, so now I'm ready to get rolling. I'm currently looking for an artist right now, someone has some great talent and most importantly, reliable. I would prefer if the person could screen print themselves also. I'm not looking for someone who can make an iffy design as a business logo but someone who has real, vivid artistic expression. I've already encountered two great artists but for some reason they flaked on me at the last second. The problem is that I'm very young and definitely need some tips on how to be taken seriously in this business. So if anyone has some contacts that you could refer me to or tips on how to build relationships, that would really help! Thanks

-Sorry if I'm in the wrong place on this forum to be discussing this, I'm just getting used to navigating around here!
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Hey Eric,

I have a few questions for you on this.

1) Do you have ideas that you want someone to draw out?
2) Or do you just need an artist on the computer side to deal with all of the computer side of things (printing the halftones, setting up screens and all?)

I have been doing graphic design for the past year, and over time I have created many designs for sports leagues, schools, and other events and such. I am also starting a screen printing business. But the one thing I don't have at this time is t-shirt ideas, (I want to start a clothing line, or start to print for one, maybe co-own? not 100% sure on anything on that side of things) But if you would like to chat more, please let me know and Ill give you my email. Its easier to talk over email than on here.


I have my first design already in my head, I was just looking for an artist to draw out my design and then screen print it. Please email me at [email protected]
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