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NewBie introduction

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Hi this is my first post here.

I came here and was glad to find Rodney is providing a place for all of us to learn the fishing, the busy traffic has proven this kind of knowledge sharing is effective. Many of us must be helped or to avoid mistakes.

However, I have the concern that I think custom t-shirt industry is moving faster than our current "fishing". Are we ready for a new business model that can benefit the whole industry? Can we have more fishes so the fishing will be easier? Would some experienced fishermen work together to develop a way to net the fishes?
I wrote a blog and would like to share some of my personal experience, hopefully that can help our experienced guys to make some custom print t-shirt unique enough to attract enough t-shirt buyers.
the blog is here :

I hope these messages are helpful

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Welcome to the forum.
Hey Alex, very interesting, welcome aboard!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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