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Hi guys,

My apologies if my post have been written on another thread. Please send me to the thread as I am hungry for more info to learn.

I have my own brand and I bespoke teamwear in rugby, netball and other sport. My logic is to offer printing ability to my current clients. So I thought of buying a printing package. I have been playing around with my new heat press (15x15 Clamp) and also the Epson T1100 and the CPM-CUTOK that came with it as a package. Have tried using the 3g Opague transfer paper and also the normal white transfer paper.

After seeing what can be done on vinyl, I have set my eyes on this but I honestly dont know how to get my CPM-CUTOK cutter to work this. If someones out there also using the CPM-CUTOK cutter and having a ball....your insights would be very much appreciated. Thank you again and I look forward to any help.


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