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I purchased a BL Ellisimo in the fall (2011) and am having a blast with doing embroidery and applique on gifts and items for grandchildren and friends. I also work as a staff nurse in the hospital and think it would be fun to look into a home business for future retirement. 'Nothing big... but enough for a small, supplemental income and so I could purchase wholesale supplies, blanks, etc.

I love my Ellisimo, but it's tied up with embroidery and I never have an opportunity to sew on it. I've been dreaming of a multi-needle so I could begin doing more faster. The BL multi needles seem rather pricey. I'm also a Mac user and have been using Embrilliance software to merge and play with designs. 'Not yet ready to think about digitizing.

I live in SC.... just outside of Columbia. Am the mother of 4 adult children and have 4+ grandchildren. April is a big month for us b/c our 5th grandchild is due any day now, our youngest son ust returned from an Afghanistan deployment (this week) and our oldest son is returning from deployment to Iraq/Kuwait at the end of the month! Life is full and good. Jeanie
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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