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:) Hello everyone!

I am a newbie to this forum as well as the tshirt industry and wanted to say that I have spent a "few" ( use that term loosely) hours on here reading and learning and all i can say is wow! I'm very happy that i found this forum and that there are so many knowledable people who are so willing to share what they know and to help! So thank you all of you! As for me, well I'm 48, kids are mostly grown, husband works out of town so he basically just visits, I love to craft, scrapbooking and card marking is the latest craze...lol. I'm very good at publishing, as in invitations, biz cards, brochures as well as minipulating photos and creating slide shows etc, My husband had really been bugging me to start my own business, so I finally relented and was going to do just that with a friend of mine. We were looking at store fronts to rent. We reside in a very small town with alot of closed old stores. I ran across a web site that was offering a deal on a small heat press with shirts, software and iron on paper called tshirt business in a box showed it to my husband on one of his rare visits and he said go for it. So 3 weeks ago i purchased that and thought it would be good as a small side to what i was going to do with the publishing. My friend decided she didnt want to do it at this time so i decided to go for it on my own. Got all my licences, all my tax stuff and started researching the best places to buy wholesale etc and that how i found you! I'm glad I did! I have rented a building, been cleaning and organizing and buying like crazy.....lol. I'm about spent out but I am almost ready to open. After reading this forum and clicking on links I discovered the roland vinyl cutter and a few places to order vinyl from. I'm thinking the tshirts is going to be the bulk of my business. I have worked with vinyl in the past but not for clothing. I own two provo craft cricut cutters and love the wall art, but could not cut in mirror image with thier software. Besides that you have to purchase cutting mats all the time as well as it is a cartridge based machine very limiting on what you can cut. So with the funds not very large I went with the roland stika 12 model with hopes to upgrade in the near future! the machine i ordered comes with a starter kit and i intend to make my own window dressing with it. As I was writing this my machine arrived via fedex! YAHOO!! Yesterday I went to virginia t's and picked up my 130 thirts and cant wait to get started! Friday is opening day! Sorry so long but I AM very excited about this! oh and I live in rural Virginia, an hour and 15 minutes from Petersburg where virginiat's is located. great company but i wish they would have told me that had i paid in cash i could have saved over 60.00!! thats alot of tshirts! Anyone know of a good vinyl outlet??

thanx for letting me ramble!

Renee in Virginia
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