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Newbie here in need of eccomerce help!!!

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So I am starting a men's/boys clothing line and at this point in regards to a website I am completely lost. I am starting off primarily as an online company so I want a very good website. Who do you guys use as an ecomerce host? When people shop on your sites does it go directly into your company's bank account or through paypal? And does that even matter??????
In terms of what I am looking for...I personally like websites that use flash and are simple to navigate through. I would like to have a blog and be able to upload videos. I would prefer not to be charged transaction fees. Thanks in advance for any information!!!
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What you want really ? a blog or E-commerce site ?
Re: Newbie here in need of ecomerce help!!!

What you want really ? a blog or E-commerce site ?
an ecommerce site where i can also post a blog
We need a little more info. Are you planning to do the site yourself? If so, how much programming and graphic arts experience do you have?

Let's assume you're going to do the site yourself and you have some coding experience, but not a lot. I personally would go with Zen Cart. It is highly customizable, it's free, there's a huge support community, there's a module for almost anything you can think of, etc. If your server is using cPanel, you most certainly have access to an installer like Simple Scripts which can install Zen Cart automatically for you.

Unless you're planning to do a mobile site in addition to your actual site, I would stay away from flash since iphones and ipads can't use it. There are millions of people who do the majority of their surfing from those devices.

To accept credit cards, you need to setup a merchant account and a payment gateway from your bank account to your site. You can also use paypal. There are modules for setting both of these options built in to Zen Cart. I don't think you'll have much luck getting out of paying transaction fees.

Hope that helps a little
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First thanks for responding!!!!
But let me clarify lol I don't have ANY experience with creating a website. I don't even know where to start. I looked at Volusion because it was mentioned in a previous post but i didn't like the templates and it seemed fairly expensive per month ($99) is that standard? I'm sorry I just don't have a clue
thanks for the heads up about flash.
I used Magento to build my site, and added blog extension to so I could have an ecommerce site with it's own blog page.

The main question is do want something you can setup yourself (it's taken me several months to get a really good understanding of Magento) or are you looking for a turnkey service where all you have to do is upload your product info and images?
I just made my site through WordPress for free. There are tons of how to's on YouTube and other sites. There are add ons for almost anything too.

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