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Sup community??

I'm just getting starting in the t-shirt game and I need some help getting setup. I have an Epson CX3810 right now and bought a Craftswood heat press through ebay. I've had experience with transfers before, so I know I'm working with the bare necessities right now.

So, I've tried to print a few images, but the transfer are coming out dull and the quality seems to be off. I've tried HP transfer paper and some generic paper that I got with the press. Nothing seems to be working. I haven't changed many of the settings on the color.

So I guess my questions are:

1. What type of shirts and paper should I invest in?

2. What settings should I be printing at?

3. What ink should I be using?

Basically, I'm lost.

Any and all responses are welcomed. Thanks in advanced.

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Hi there, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

If you browse through the Heat Press section of the forums or do a search for the terms you're interested, you should find answers to most of the questions you posted above:

By reading through a few of the threads there (and the Wholesale T-Shirts section), you should have most of your questions answered.

If you still have questions though, feel free to post :)
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