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Hi all, my name is nik and thought it was about time I registered as I have quite often googled queries and ended up with the answer on this very forum.

I run a business with my wife in Peterborough, UK, our website can be found at Decalarama - Vinyl Stickers & Decals – Peterborough, UK . We started out by producing our own vinyl stickers for a car enthusiast website that I used to run several years ago. We then realised it was a nice profitable business to get into and last year I managed to leave my full time job to run the business. We purchased a heat press about 5 years ago, had a quick dabble and then left it in the cupboard until last Summer. We now produce 'printed' baby vests, tshirts/vests and shopping bags. I am just in the process of purchasing an Epson digital printer so we can move on to sublimation printing so that should be fun!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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