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Newbie From South Texas

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Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am new to this site. My Cousin and I currently do craft shows. We sell handmade Jewlery, Handmade crafts, And hair accessories. We are looking to extend our line by making T-Shirts.... I was wondering what all would I need to do this I want to order stock transfers only. We both have little ones at home and would not have time to make our own.
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Hi Elizabeth,

You are obviously crafty...have you considered hand stenciled "designer" shirts. You can create your own stencils and use fabric paint to create really unique products. Low investment, and you could demand a premium price.

Transfers are also a great idea. You need three things
1.) Shirts 2.) *Transfers 3.) Heat Press
*Plastisol (for commercial and retail)

If you haven't already investigated, you will want to purchase shirts wholesale. There are many sources, including some leads from this site. Stock transfers of many types and styles are widely available. Again, check-out some of the leads on this site. Your biggest investment would be the heat press. There are a wide range available, starting at about $800. As before, check the links on this site. You can also search "heat transfers".

I do not recommend making your own transfers, especially using regular "ink jet" transfer paper. It may not be appealing to our customers. Also, your regular home iron is not a suitable substitute for a commercial heat press.

If your desire is to sell your own designs, there are many printers that can produce exactly what you want.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Mike we got a transfer machine and we found a tshirt place that sells the gliden shirts for 1.42 a pc. Im having a problem finding shirts for children at a reasonable price. the other thing we are not sure about is if there are any other things we need to make sure the prints come out good like paper to put over transfers and that kind of stuff. We are trying to keep all of our shirts at $15 does that sound reasonable?
By "transfer machine", do you mean heat press? Shirts at $1.42 seems OK, just white? There are a lot of t-shirt distributors, you should be able to meet your needs easily. As far as the transfers go, the ink is printed on a special paper with the image mirrored. Place the ink side to the shirt, paper up. Apply with the heat press (follow the instructions precisely). There really isn't anything else needed. Then you throw away the paper.

Here are few stock transfer companies I like:
The Wildside
First Edition
Dowling Graphics

I think $15 is a pretty good price too.

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