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Hello everyone, Found the site yesterday and from the looks of it, there is a ton of info on here...:D

By day I am an automotive photographer/forum support specialist for a company that specializes in 8Lug truck suspension for the Big 3. 90% of the trucks we build and sell product for are the HD series from Chevy. Were a small company, but we have an extremely large following with customers all over the world....

By night I am a father, husband. Spend my free free time doing photography, fishing, riding the supermoto and tinkering with rc cars....the big 5th scale stuff down to 10th scale short course and rock crawlers...

I was asked to start designing the new company schwag. Up until recently I never dabbled much into the graphics stuff, its been a ton of so far.

Ive been using Photoshop for the last 8 years and know the program like the back of my hand. As far as Illustrator Im stepping into uncharted territory..hope to learn a bunch from the wealth of knowledge here...

Thx, Brian
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