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Newbie for t-shirt printing

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Hi everyone. im new to this site/forum. i would like to try shirt printing. im located in lucena city. i was wondering if there is anyone near my area who could teach/assist/advise me on the "how to's" of basic and advance t-shirt printing. i'm also planning to enroll myself at negoskwela to learn some basic stuff.

thanks everyone. God bless.
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Welcome Glenn to TSF. I have never heard of the area where you say you are from but with regard to learning the basics of screen printing, YouTube will be your best friend. I recommend watching all the Ryonet videos, CatSpit Production videos, and Roger Jennings videos. They are very helpful. Roger Jennings hasn't posted any recent videos but the ones he has are still very informative.
Ryonet also sells screen printing 101 DVDs which are good. They have a DVD for pretty much everything. Check out their website at Screen Printing Supplies, Screen Printing Equipment & Screen Printing Kits
I hope this helps and welcome to printing. Good luck to you!
thank you very much. i'll visit the website and watch the videos in youtube.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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