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Hey Everyone. Feeling very overwhelmed right now and need some help.

I have a festival in a month coming up. I am not sure how much inventory I should take and am feeling overwhelmed.

The event is expecting about 8,000 people. It is located in a small town that has a huge university. I do not know how many other vendors are selling shirts. I am not the official t-shirt vendor for the festival. The festival is historic to the town however I expect college kids will attend because it's free admission, they're letting the "college" crowd bands play at 10pm and located in front of the University.

My target audience is women. I have already ordered transfers. I was planning on pressing them and taking the inventory ready to go and sell. I was planning on 8 different designs and about 10 shirts to a size. And I am feeling that I definitely am wrong and could be missing a big market with all that crowd. I am super intrigued reading how some of you take your heat press and that would open up a lot for me to be able to do. I don't think I'd take my vinyl cutter but I could definitely precut designs - Collegiate, high school mascot, and such that I could use at other festivals and then just take my blank t-shirts and press them as people buy them. I did create a vinyl design for the event and realize that it may not be the official one but I do know women like choices. hahaha. Kind of rethinking that now because I read that you don't sell a lot if it isn't the official shirt. So really any advice about that and taking my heat press versus preparing inventory before hand would be super beneficial. Really I can take all the advice I can get right now since it's my first event.

There is a one day festival in 2 weeks in a small town about an hour from me. I was thinking for the $30 entry fee I should attend that as my first one just to see how it goes. Obviously not quite the attendance but if I could test out taking the heat press and see. They do have electricity.

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