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Newbe's coming on board!

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Hi folks!
I'am Wayne my wife's name is Mary, we have been looking for a semi retirement business to last us till we go home. Looks like we found it. This industry has a line of product that won't quit, a need for product that renews itself daily and unlimited room for growth. Add that were having more fun then we deserve, and I am wishing we had got on board years ago. We have a lot to learn and will be on the side line soaking up everything we can for a while. Seems we've jumped into a great group of folks and look forward to sharing this experience with you for many years to come!
Thanks for allowing us aboard!
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welcome aboard, good luck on your ventures. i have done a toooooons of research and if you plan on doing heat transfer jobs i may be able to make your life easier. i know what its like starting out.
you should post your plans and you will get more feedback.
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