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newbe, working on a few mediums

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I am a fulltime caretaker and partime artisian, at least that's how I like to look at myself. I have been reading a lot of the forums, screenprinting, Rinestones, Sublimation, and all the different aspects of each. I enjoy doing all what little I do and money always seems to be a topic no matter what forum I am in. Don't get me wrong I appreciaate the few dollars that I have made. It puts a smile on my face but what gets to me is looking at the face of a customer when they are happy with the product I have given them. That really makes my day, like there is hope for me and my efforts. I would like to thank the person who has been helping me and directing my efforts with these crafts, oned of your members (madrod) I believe. well thanks to all I love the reads they make me use my brain and I love that. By the way my name is steve.
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Hi Steve. Welcome aboard. Glad to know someone has been mentoring you. I really enjoy that look of customer satisfaction too.
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Thanks for the reply just finished gettimg my morning chores for the wife, you know the medical stuff. well talk later hopfully.;)
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