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Newb Question

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Hello All! I'm very new to this and have probably the most basic question. Whats the best way to line up my decals on the T-Shirt so that they go on straight and level? When I'm doing an XL shirt, it hangs over the press so much that its hard to tell if the decal is going on straight or not. Is practice the only way to get better at this???

Thanks .... Rooke
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You can purchase a t-square-it. This will allow you to measure from the center line to the sleeve seam on each side. I know that the XL and above are a pain but this will help.
hi rooke,

if you are only doing one or just a few,
i get in front of a mirror, position it and tape it in place.

when you have it under your press just take the tape off (ie. i use duct tape b/c
it is so secure) or you can buy heat tape.

if needed, don't forget to pre-press to get the moisture out before all this.
The standard placement is about 3-4 inches down from the neck, depending on the shirt size. It is fairly easy to 'eyeball' the design but a T-Square It can be a handy tool.
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