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NewB in florida

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Hey fellow T shirt Guru's, I am finally getting started after much research... I am going to be making T's to match sneakers for sneaker heads.. The only problom I'm having is what paper to use? Is JPSS a good one for lights? I have seen a video on that paper and It looks like it is a straight Ink to fabric from the paper without having to trim it, so is that considered weedless? Or does it leave a "frame" around image if not trimmed? any help would be GREAT!!! Happy Printing
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no from my experience it is not weedless you still have to trim most trimming can be done by hand or get a good graphtec vinyl cutter if your designs are very detailed
All inkjet paper for light shirts will leave some amount of film unless you trim around the edge of the image.
Welcome bro.

Well, don't know how to answer the questions but I believe you will find ones here.

Good luck.
Thank you all very much for the warm welcome and advice. I think I am going to try out JPSS and trim by hand for now. I will, however invest in cutter in the future. I just really want to put out GREAT quality shirts. And since my niche is the sneaker world I really don't expect large orders, but that person that buys one or 2 shirts I really want them to get a awesome shirt, tell friends and come back for more. For me its all quality over quanity, I'm not looking to get rich from this. Thanks again everyone. I will be posting more updates
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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