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New York

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Just wondering how many of you are based in or around New York. If so, are you selling your stuff at any retailers?
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I am in NY and will be selling shortly. I have my target list of who I will hit in and around the city, but have been held up by the NY Dept of Taxation Boo!
I would also like to know what you mean, I live in New York,NY.
I applied for my NYS Sales Tax Authority and got denied because they said I owed NYC Resident taxes from 2003, I had moved out of Manhattan in 2002 yet my crackhead tax preparer never changed my address... So I had to do all sorts of digging to get proof that I lived outside of Manhattan. I sent it all in and they still say it can take a couple of weeks. There are steep fines in place for doing business without that authority so I am kind of screwed...
Nothing exciting just a bunch of crap.
So in the meantime I am perfecting my marketing materials and getting all my other ducks in a row. I dont want to approach these stores and then not be able to business right then and there.
but how was that holding you up from selling to retailers?

Can you tell us more about how you set up the deals with the retailers?

Also, do any of you sell at street fairs or anything like that in nyc? definitely something i'm interested in getting into.
If I do business without NYS Vendor authorization (Sales Tax Authority) the fines are $500 a day.

As far as my list of retailers, I used a brand that I would like to hit the target market of and visited their website. I looked up all the stores in the area that carry them, and used that as a starting point. I called each one of them over the past month just to get the contact information so I can hit the ground running. I have spoken to a few just to gauge interest, but am held up.

I am focusing mainly on boutiques in trendy areas and the retail price of our shirts is $38, so street fairs is not where we are headed. There is one mrket we may buy a booth at, but we still need that tax number before we can do anything. Info on this place can be found here http://http://www.themarketnyc.com/flashmain.html

Hope this helps :)
Isn't most print out shirts sold on the street or small spots in malls/stores?
I'm not from New York but I've ordered some supplies before from Sam at paperhood.com . I think they also do shirts there.
hey Jada when's the next album coming out????;) ;) just a joke family. holla!!!!!!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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