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It's been a busy couple of months here at T-Shirt Forums, but I wanted to wish a belated "Happy New Year" to all our members (both lurking and registered :))

T-ShirtForums launched on April 4, 2005, and in just a few short months we've already reached over 1500 members. I think our biggest acheivement is the noticeable community feel of the forums. We get comments daily about how useful the site is and how friendly the members are for sharing so much useful information. So for that I thank you.

Our 1500th member was tomahack from Canada, and to celebrate his registration, he's won a free autographed copy of Scott Fressner's essential book, How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit. Big thanks to Scott of screenprinters.net for the autographed copy of the book!

As the forums grow, we may enlist the help of members to help keep the posts sorted. Our first moderator is Twinge, one of our earliest members. Twinge knows his way around a heat presses, and has his own t-shirt website at Just Be Tees. Think of Twinge (and any other moderators), as librarians. We're not here to be forum police, we just want to make sure things get put in the right place and that everybody sees the "no spamming" sign as they walk in the door :)

We also have two great new sponsors. My goal is to keep advertising in the forums both relevant and to a minimum. I prefer to have a forum that is easy to navigate and gets right to the informative content, rather than making folks wade through tons of ads to get to the good stuff :)

Our first sponsor was BestBlanks (mentioned here), and our second is another great Heat Press supply company, Imprintables Warehouse.

Imprintables Warehouse
is a great source for your garment decoration needs. They offer t-shirt heat presses, mug presses, transfer papers, flock material, cutters, and other supplies for both professionals and heat press newbies. Be sure to check out their clearance and inventory reduction sale pages for the latest deals.

In addition, one of the employees of Imprintables Warehouse, JoshEllsworth, has been great at answering some of the many heat press related questions that get posted to the forums.

What's next for T-Shirt Forums?

I think the first order of business will probably be some prizes to help encourage more responses for review requests in the "Site Reviews - Design Reviews" forum. Looking over a website (or t-shirt design) takes time, and hopefully this way folks can feel like they're getting something back :)

That, and a long overdue issue of the T-Shirt Newsletter (for both merchants and shoppers) should be gracing your inbox soon!
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