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NEW withindustries website review

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Hey guys,

Im hoping to get some feedback on my site... ive created it in iWeb and am curious to know how it loads for you on your computer (fast? slow?), what you think of the overall feel of the site? is the bamboo background a lil too much or do you think it works? do you like the video on the home page to automatically play or does this annoy you? lol

id also like to hear any other comments you feel like sharing

thanks in advance

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Cool site. The bamboo background isn't too much for me, much nicer than I expected. I always prefer the choice of having the video start so I don't have to stop it every time I visit the site.
A couple thoughts: make a link out of the words START wITHIN on the home page to the store so customers don't have to scroll back to the top of the page after they've read it. I like your designs alot, though I would personally prefer the angel design on the left shoulder.
Also, get your shopping cart up and running so you can start selling some apparel!
Overall I think it's pretty good! Good luck with it man!
thanks for checking it out :)
adding the cart is gonna happen as soon as we get the inventory in :)

how was the load speed? did everything come up ok?

the "start within" link is a great idea! thanks
yeah the load speed was nice and fast, no problems there
Wow, Mikey,

What a wonderful site. I LOVE it. The video took a bit to load but it was really professional. The whole site has a really professional feel to it. Congratulations. Your designs are brilliant and I love the idea of the inspirational message inside the shirt. The bamboo is fine, in fact I like the way it is horizontal rather than vertical. It was only when I saw the bamboo I realised that I had been anticipating that it would be vertical but that the vertical bamboo could be suggestive of bars (or am I overthinking things here?) I also love that you have the more fitted womens shirts as well as the roomier unisex shirts.

I have a question; where did you get the template for the tshirt that you used? It is a great template.

All-in-all a fantastic site, a brilliant product and I love it and wish you the best of luck.

Thanks Kim, i appreciate your over thinking..lol... Im really liking iWeb so far cause i have NO html knowledge but iWeb makes it really easy and i can control the entire site instead of paying someone for even the smallest of changes...

as for the template, i found it online somewhere and in adobe illustrator i "auto traced" it and then tweaked it a bit...lol

Thank you for the feedback :)

I am sure it is me but I actually like your last site better than this one. Don't get me wrong this one is great also but I am so not feeling the background. The video did load a tad slow but nothing major.
Good Luck!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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