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Hi everybody, my name is Chris and I work for a company that has just created a new website to supply screen printers, general merchants, and just about anybody that needs quality t-shirts in bulk low discount prices direct from the warehouse.

The idea behind creating the website is in the name, NameBrandWearables.com. Quality name brand apparel, from every day household brand names, all at one website.

The problem we are having though, despite the work we put into it, is that nobody seems to like the site, or find it very “user friendly” so to speak.

All and all, since screen printers, and custom t-shirt distributors are our target audience, I was wonder if maybe a few of you guys could take a look at the site and let me know what you think.

Link http://NameBrandWearables.com

Thank you for your time,

Tech Chris

NameBrandWearables.com IT Department.
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