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#1. A pop=up for newsletter signup as the very first encounter would COMPEL me click the big X.
#2. A psychology of modern marketing suggests answering the question, "Why should I do business with you" is a important goal in ENABLING others to do business with you. This is where you embed the company or product 'backstory' revealing how you make the world a better place. (note: making one feel better about themselves does make the world a better place in the mind of the reader.) Now offer the newsletter.
#3. There are many strategies to getting traffic to your T-shirt website. You need to make sure the FIRST thing they see answers their question, "am I in the right place" without SEARCHING the page and aligns with your marketing message. A newsletter signup actually VIOLATES the trust you want to create.

I liked the imagery and it appears you DID take measures to protect your IP. I would suggest more use of the brand via a transparency application.
Like you have have sent weeks creating something that I called my baby. It takes a special courage to expose one baby to criticism. You are doing the right thing.
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