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i would shift 'family business' to the first slot, and you missed the spaces before 'Well'

some of your designs look like they are simply pasted over the tee's in your mockups,
making them/you look cheap

i would add a decent transparency on the company name on the bottom of all your tee's,
as it is a little distracting from the designs for sale

nice logo, tabob is right though, it took me a bit to 'see' it
the tails of the 's' in your icon appear too close to the cross-bar,
making it look like one unit instead of an 's' when it is that small (may be my browser though, i am on brave)

very good job
your efforts and attention to detail so far bode well for your future

ps. good on you for the gates design, here is a couple of quick htv designs i did for a friend
feel free to use/amend/etc if you, or anybody, wants


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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