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- took much scrolling to get to any products on your landing page
- your tagline 'your favorite custom-made apparel Made of high quality materials, with high precision print',
aside from overly verbose, the verbiage does not suit 'urban'
- speaking of overly verbose your descriptions under the product thumbnails should be tightened up,
'cute face - sweat', or 'sass - tee' (keep it simple)
- lose the $0.50 denominations and stick with '$20', '$30' etc.
(or i would suggest $19 and $29, you are competing with lots of word-only tee sellers out there)
- on that note, i would suggest really going into your zone and writing/editing/re-writing/re-editing-etc. (be different, think about font selection too),
try to really-really be original in this genre
- your font selection for your logo 'urban manner' seems too cartoonish/ordinary (try something like sixty, dssnet stamped or advent pychosis)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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