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New Website Design - feedback?

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Hi, we've spent a long time getting the new site up and running at TheBigRuler. Let us know what you think of it! Suggestions for how we can improve it? We used 'Mr Site' to make it and tried to work around its limitations. Cheers.
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nice design with a clear structure, no need to improve it imho
looks really good.

i know a lot of people who think that too much white is bad, so that might hurt you.

also is it just me or do the links at the top seem off center
oh yeah... you need to compress the image on your front page. 132 kb is way too big for frontpage images
i like the use of the whitespace, i don't think it's too bad.
oh yeah... you need to compress the image on your front page. 132 kb is way too big for frontpage images
Hi Philip, thanks for the advice! Yeah you're right about the links at the top, I've had no luck trying to centre them. I'll get onto reducing the kb's of the front page images.

i like the use of the whitespace, i don't think it's too bad.
Cheers Jack, I'm a fan of the whitespace too, was going for a minimal 'gallery' style to make the focus purely on the designs themselves. Thanks again guys!
over all it's pretty good. however, you need better pictures of the merchandise. as a customer i'd like to see the merchandise up close and personal.. i can't really see the design cause the pictures are so small. on top of that you should have different angles of the shirts. the angles should be on the same/original page. maybe you have it where once a person scrolls over the page it changes pictures. as a customer i don't want to wait for for another page to load up so i can see another angle of the shirt i'm interested in. basically the least amount of clicks is best for the customer... you only have a very limited amount of time before they close out your page and move on to the next.....
I like your site so far. How long have you been selling T-shirts for ?. All your T-shirts appear to be limited editions, is this how you have always been, have you a fan base already.
I'm a tight Jock, and £25 for a T is to much for me. Also are you fattest, no extra large or xxlarge T-shirts. I'm very obese.


doh , just read some of the news part of the site.
couple things.. use of whitespace is a good thing it is possible to use too much, but i dont think you have that problem..

Your TBR looks like a TBP?? and i know nothing about you or your company, you may have a fanbase already established that knows who you are but I would want to know who you are and what you company is about from the first time I visit your site, and after being on your site for a couple minutes i still dont know what thebigruler is?

hope this helps
center the navigation bar with the logo.
maybe drop the size of the homepage images as one needs to scroll to see the whole thing.
the logo is somewhat unclear as someone mentioned, it looks like you masked an image behind it or something, not sure.
I like the site; however, it took 5 clicks to buy a shirt. I think the rule of thumb is 3.
Umm...Nice look & feel. Why can't you add some content as it seems to be vacant? Bcoz search engines loves content rich sites. Think of it :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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