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This incredible forum has made my first few months of vinyl cutting a totally enjoyable experience; thank you all!

However, I am suddenly having a problem with my cutter and am not sure if I can deal with it on my own...

Basically, it will cut straight lines along both the X and Y axis, but will not cut curves accurately at all. Not even the TEST CUT programmed into the cutter itself which includes a circle bi-sected by an x. I have been using a plotter pen to test as suggested.

Of course I may be totally wrong, but, I have determined that it is not a problem with the cutting software, serial-to-usb connection, or anything with the cutting blade, speed or pressure.
I have oiled the carriage and the rollers that feed the material forward.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I bought a low-end cutter as my first machine (REDSAIL 1360, 50") and have cut a lot of material in a short period. I wonder if I have just blown it out of whack a bit, or if there is something simple that I haven't considered as a brand newbie (?).

If it wasn't the weekend, I would be on the phone with the dealer, or cutting the jobs I have due on his "floor model". Instead I am reaching out to you!
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