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new transfer paper

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i'm new to this forum what a great resource....just used a transfer sheet with the name "master jet" from southeast speciality products and am very pleased with the "soft hand" ....if anyone has used this paper and has info as to the durabilty thru washing or any other comments please let me know...also any comments on southeast specialty products....thanks, steve
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do you have their URL. Like to see more of their product. Lou Oh, and a big welcome..
I don't know how different or better the paper is than Iron All or Miracool or even Transjet ll for that matter but it is higher in cost and you need to add shipping also.
i understand the price is somewhat higher but the quality and softness is very very enticing for a newbe....there is much to learn from you thanks for your input....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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