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new to tshirt selling and branding and liked this website

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so hello. im just getting tarted into my brand and designs honestly. i had a woman doing my designs but she kinda went psycho and i had to let her go. i have a guy building my website and am almost a year into making my website.
honestly im a visionary and know what i want, but im learning from different places and areas about how to create that vision into something of a real brand and business. im getting some contacts and also working on some collaborations for my website and brand for the future.
i havent begun to make a profit. i want my brand to have a true message. and yes its a bit pricy when not going for the money right away but again i am a noob and learning a TON of stuff as i go.
honestly i dont know if i will be in trouble to post my brand and link here, 1 being that the brand is a marijuana theme and 2 because of all the threats of posting your info on the wrong forum but i think its ok here since im introducing myself..?
anyhow. wanted to ask if anyone has heard of customizedgirl to use as a printer. if not then anyone know of any good printers? thanks very much for allowing me to ask and ramble.
my website is..
still needs work but has come together quite nicely in the recent months.
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It's cool to post your URL in the Member Introductions, no worries. You can also build it into your sig, but no self-promotion is allowed in general. However, posting your site or a design for feedback or problem solving is fine.

Oh, welcome!
yes you can put your URL because its the same feild discussion
Thanks for the info.
Have you heard of a printer called customizedgirl?
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