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New to this...what should I get?

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I am just starting a small business making custom tutus and toddler shirts & onesies for little girls.

The onesies and toddler shirts will mostly be made with rhinestone iron on transfers...

I need som advice on exactly what equipment I need to purchase. I read somewhere that a Geo Knight works best for rhinestone transfers? Is that true?

Is there anything besides the actual heat press I need to purchase? What is the transfer paper for? Is it re-usable? Are there pad protectors I will need to buy for the heat press itself?

I can't afford a high end heat press and I am more looking for an economical heat press that will still give my customers quality results (I don't want the rhinestones to come off in the wash).

Any advice and/or guidance is greatly appreciated!
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You have come to the right place for answers and many are here to help but your questions have been answered many times over on the forum.

Do a simple search here and you will find tons of answers to your questions. I no it may be time consuming because there are many, many post but with time you will get all the answers you need but you will have to do a bit of leg work.

Just to breifly touch on your questions a heat press is needed to press transfers. not necessarily a geo knight but a quality heat press. transfer paper is the paper you use to place your design on then heat press it onto a t-shirt, or other apparel and no it is not reuseable.

Hope this gets you started and good luck on your endeavor and welcome aboard.

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Thanks for the welcome. I have tried doing some "leg work" for over a week now and I am having trouble finding answers to my exact question:confused:...I suppose that is because I am still a novice on this site...I hope my navigation will get better as I become more accustomed to the different forums.

I having been typing in phrases like "heat press, rhinestones, and onsie" to the search option but when I go to the threads they usually revolve around a different issue or bigger equipment than I am interested in...

I will keep trying...thanks again:).
Hi Stacy, It is a very large site to naviagate thru. For a heat press, I always recommend the mighty. A 15"x15" should be fine for a long time. It should be under $700. If you need a less $$ press you may want to try pro-world. They have a link to the left. They have a press (sunie) for $149 when you buy $300 in transfers. I don't know much about that press, but some say it works good. Ask for Ed and mention I sent you.

You will need some teflon sheets, a pad cover is not a must. You need of course the transfers, or stones.

If you need more help I will try to help.
Thank you Nascarbob and Gspotstudio! I appreciate the assistance!
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