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May 19, 2010 was our first post in here.
It wasnt the last time we looked at the sight tho...

When our first post was made, we were merely an idea.
A dream that would hopefully facilitate a good living, getting us away from corporate buffoonery and greed.

It has now grown into this:


T-Shirt Forums has been a lifesaver when it came to our initial "experiments".

We would encounter a problem, run to the computer and see who else encountered the same problem, and cross our fingers in hopes that somehow it was solved.

At one point, my former business partner and I butted heads whether or not white on black screen printing was an option because the forums had become Gospel, and some said it was too hard to do.

Perseverence, experimentation, forum scouring, phone calls to ink manufactureres (S/O to Union Ink reps! they are the best customer service people we have ever encountered!) and countless late nights have helped make Grape what it is today:
Streetwear that is screen printed by hand to spread messages of unity and positivity to any and all ages.
In-house everything: design, printing, packaging, labeling, marketing, promotion, insomnia...etc.

We officially launched in September, thanks to a local festival using us to print their shirts, with two shirts that will never be made again.
They are currently stocked in the high-fashion shopping district of Carytown, in the city of Richmond, VA, in the streetwear boutique West Coast Kix.

Since September, we are now stocked in two cities in Virginia, the state capital of Richmond, and historical Old Towne Petersburg at a streetwear/skateboard boutique. We have had the pleasure of linking with local underground musicians, non-profit organizations, fellow streetwear brands and
fashion junkies to help expand Grape's reach to the masses.

We are extremely excited to give back to those that were in similar situations as we were upon inception, and look forward to helping those with the same dream we are living.

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding our brand, our production, connections, wholesale distributors, manufacturers, design-process... we are an open book.

We are Grape - everybody eats.

shop: Grape.
blog: 100% Fresh.
email: [email protected]

twitter: Grape Cloth (GrapeCloth) on Twitter
facebook: Grape Cloth | Facebook

youtube channel: YouTube - GrapeCloth's Channel
twitvid channel: Grape Cloth - Twitvid

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