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Greetings all :)

I'm so glad to have found this site. I've recently come up with a terrific idea for shirts/hats/etc and I'm excited about getting this idea fleshed out and made marketable. I do have a full-time job so I am not sure how feasible it would be to try to stock a bunch of inventory myself and sell it vs. something like going with PrintMojo or CafePress.

I'm a little concerned about startup cost and being stuck with a lot of product if this idea doesn't do as well as I am thinking it will. If I wanted to sell, for example, 5 shirts in L, XL, XXL in black shirts or white shirts.. with a minimum of 24 shirts like through PM that's 24*3 (For each size) .. So 72 shirts * 2 (For black and white) that's 144 shirts.. * 5 (for different kind of shirts/graphics) that's 720 shirts just to have 5 products. (Not to mention the $6k or so pricetag). I know everyone goes through this so I'm basically just venting ;)

So I'm really glad I joined this site and look forward to reading and learning from all of you.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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