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New to this forum, rookie setting up my own shop

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Hey all,

New to the forum so wanted to say hi to everyone (this kinda feels like a AA meeting introduction haha) but yeah, new to here and my google searches keep bringing me to these forums so i figured mizell sign up!!

I used to screen print t shirts some years ago as a bit of a hobby and at that point in time my friend and I began making money and it got to a point that we either did the shirts full time or give it up and regretfully we gave it up.

I`ve always like making shirts so i`ve always wanted to get back into making shirts again so now i`m pulling the trigger. I have recently purchased a 4 station 4 colour press, adobe photoshop, an exposure unit, some old screens, a screen stretcher, flash dryer, screen drying rack, inks and some mesh from a fella who couldnt make a go of it.
Currently searching for a used conveyer dryer, a computer and an internet connection for my just - acquired - needs - work - shop space lol. I found a small conveyor near toronto ontario for 300 bucks (guy has to vacate his space) but alas i cannot get there in time.

A question I do have is what kind of printer should I use to print the positives?? Any suggestions that aren't too expensive. I'll likely get some RIP software soon just dont have it right now. Any suggestions??

Thanks yall for making this forum a very informative space!!
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