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New to the Tshirt business with questions

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My husband and I are looking to start a tshirt/uniform business for our kids local rec and scout needs. For scouts we will be doing simple tshirts with a logo on the back and some small thing on the front. For the rec programs we will be doing uniforms - mostly baseball and maybe soccer to start. Just rec uniforms not the fancy travel ones so just a simple logo on the front and a number on the back.

My questions is - would a 15x15 heat press be good for these needs or would we need the bigger 16x20.

Also we are wanting to just do heat transfer and possibly sublimation. I'm not sure if we should do laser or ink jet transfers (I've seen some things that say laser are not long lasting) are ink jet transfers better? Any advice on sublimation printers or how to get started with that?

Thanks so much for any advice.
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First - a smaller press, or one with interchangeable platens, is necessary for kids shirts. The 16 x 20 platen will stretch them out too much.
Next - you may want to use transfers from a company like Transfer Express instead of printing your own. They're plastisol or cadprint (digital printing). The plastisol transfers are just like silkscreened images. You can also get packages of pre-printed numbers in different fonts, sizes and colors, which makes numbering very easy and affordable.
Last - sublimation will only work on light colored, polyester shirts. If a team wants black and silver, that will not be possible with sublimation but can be done with metallic transfers or grey plastisol transfers. So, you may not need a sublimation printer. It'll be easier and more cost effective to use the plastisol transfers.
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