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New to the T-shirt business.

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Hello everyone I'm excited to be here and learn anything I can. My father and I just started a business to help with my daughters and nieces college fund and hopefully one of them will want to take it over. We are doing our first no job onsite at a local softball tournament. Any time I post and there are suggestions or critiques please don't hold back. I want to learn to be good at this.
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Hello and welcome!!! this forum is awesome and has so many good knowledgeable people.
Welcome to the forums :)
Welcome to the forums :)
The gang at Pro World welcomes you to the Forum. Nice to have you with us.
Hello, welcome!

I also want to have a printed shirt business and the first thing I've learned is...I need to learn more...hahaha!

There is a lot of information in here - I think this place will help greatly!!!!

Good luck,

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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