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New to the t-shirt business and looking for guidance

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Hello All,

I am from San Franciso, CA. I am getting into the t-shirt business and is seeking help on how to get started. I am looking for shirt suppliers, printers, etc. that are in my area.

Global Phenom
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Hi, Welcome aboard!
Hi there, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums.

If you can be more specific as to what kind of suppliers or what kind of printers you're looking for, we might be able to offer more direction.

You can also use the search box at the top of the page to find all kinds of vendors and recommendations that can help.

I am looking for blank t-shirt and relabling suppliers. As far as printing I am looking for local printers in my area that do digital and screen print. If you could make a recommendation by looking at the shirts I have posted as to which process I should use that would be great.

Thank you.


I will try to help you out without breaking any rules. I have a heat transfer business and I use broderbros as my supplier. I'm located in Missouri but I know there is a California location. They have great prices and sales on their apparel daily. Hope this helps some.
so you think i should use heat transfer for this type of shirt? where is this place located?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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