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My name is Cham,
I have been doing custom designed shirts for over a year now. I am now working on a new project to do my own line of shirts. I have over 250 sayings for shirts and they are all ones that I made up myself. Those are just the beginning. I am working on my next line as well, so things don't slow.
I have distributors working for me, selling shirts to get out and see more people. My hot spots are skateparks and skate shops.
Because I am in a new era of my business; I feel I can save money and hit a large market, I do my selling and advertising on myspace. I offer a variety of shirts to my customers that they may purchase right there off of myspace.
My link is: www.myspace.com/chameleonlogics
come check out all the shirts; each month new ones are added.
And like I said, I am the only one with them; I have all the copyrights and trademarks on them but that doesn't mean I don't like to share. My goal is to get in stores all across the country.
Anywho, any comments, questions, or feedback, I am completely open to it all. Just hit me up at [email protected]


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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