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new to the industry..need some help

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Hello To all, I'm trying to launch a t shirt line for women celebrating their breasts kind of like the tata tees for breast cancer..I have the vision I just need help with ordering the tees and printing. My business is called teazers and I have so many ideas. Where can I find good prices on bella tees or should I use some of these online companies such as printmojo.com or ciatom ink..also what kind of print method is the best and as far as sizes is there any advice on the quantity I should order..what are the popular sizes..thanks so much.
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We get bella garments at either Mission Imprintables or Imprints Wholesale ! Imprints Wholesale has a better selection and offer more of the styles found on the actual Bella site ! I think screen printing with water based ink would be the best print method for you ! Let me know what else I can help with !

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Thank you for that information. Amongst women, which sizes sell the most and where can i get my shirts printed?
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