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Hi Teresa,

Welcome to the forum. I recognize your name from the dtg forum Brian runs.

Anyway, screenprinters buy their shirts in bulk (several cases of 1 size) at a time so they get good pricing.

Also, the screenprinting ink cost is less than .10 cents per ink color so even a multiple ink color job would probably be less than .50 cents. Using that .50 cent ink costs as an example if they get the shirt for $1 and the ink cost .50 cents if they marked up the cost of $1.50 (1 time) it comes to $3.00.

DTG Printers cost more for ink but where you have the advantage over a screenprinter is that "you don't" have to burn screens. (It's labor intensive) to do shirts by DTG method.

Also, the screen printer usually charges $20-$25 on average per color for screen charges which is in addition to the $3 shirt price. You can offer multitple colors without screen charges as it takes you no more time to "print a 1 color job" as it does a 6 color job.

Just my 2-cents
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